Arpal provides a 3-year warranty for all equipment purchased as a complete set. A separate one-year warranty is provided for internal combustion engines (if equipped with them).

The warranty is valid from the moment the customer receives the machine. Arpal will repair, replace the defective part or the product itself, in the event of a factory defect, at its own expense.

Arpal will not be held liable for damage resulting from non-observance of the operating instructions or careless handling of the equipment, such as the following:

Operation by persons who have not previously read the user manual;
Unauthorized changes, repairs or other actions in relation to the equipment.
The use of non-original parts or parts intended for other machines.
Disregard of the instructions for using this equipment.
Damage due to rough handling, maintenance or overloading.
This warranty does not cover problems caused by the user.
Parts that are consumable items and wear out with normal use are not covered by this warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of non-original spare parts.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by natural phenomena.
Any warranty claims must be made in writing with a completed warranty card with the date of purchase attached.