Our team has been formed together with the development of our manufacture. During 5 years we collected the best specialist from different regions. To produce wood chippers there work locksmiths, welders, lathes, grinders, milling-machine operators, thermists, assemblers and engineers. All our workers is the group of young, perspective people aiming at high results and high quality of each wood chipper, wood shredder and wood splitter produced and sent to you.

Wood chippers. Wood shredders and wood splitters are designed by our young and progressive engineers with the usage of modern PC that makes it possible to consider all the details while process of production of our products.

Process of production of wood chippers. Wood shredders and wood splitters starts at the preparatory area where we cut materials on bandsaws.

Cut billets goes for further processing by lathes and milling-machine operators (according to the type of processing). Lathes and milling-machine operators using all the knowledge and professionalism transfer rough billets into accurate detail. After that the details are sent to the grinding area where grinding of all lending surfaces takes place.

Main quantity of our wood chippers are produced in a stream with help of modern CNC machines. Young specialist, graduated from Vinnytsia Technical University work with these machines.

Operations with sheet materials of which inlet and outlet hoppers are made take place on new axe band presses and guillotines.

Prepared sheet materials go to highly-qualified welders who make convenient and solid welds giving the construction hardness and reliability.

Assembly of wood chippers, wood shredders and wood splitters takes place under control of qualified locksmiths. While assembling, only qualitative constituents and details that went under control at production area are used.