What happens if I put a branch with a diameter larger than the maximum?
Which boilers are suitable for branch logs cut with your wood chippers?
What is the fuel consumption of your engines?
What is the lifetime of the blades?
Do you have cashless payments?
How many knives do you have on the shafts in the wood chippers? How many knives are therein the wood shredders?
Is it possible to buy a machine without an engine?
Can I buy your products on credit?
What happens if it pulls me in?
At what speed of the PTO tractor does the wood chipper work?
How long the are the chunks which the wood chipper cut? How can I regulate it?
What is the minimum thickness of the branch which your chipper can cut?
What else can your chipper cut?
What main consumables for wood chippers need to be changed?
What oil is used in the engine?