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Wood chippers, wood shredders and wood splitters

Back in 2013, the ARPAL company started its work on the production of wood chippers. In a couple of years, we added a wood shredder to our assortment, and in 2018 - a wood splitter. We received all the necessary machinery and tools at our disposal. We have traveled all over the country in search of machines capable of providing consistent quality parts and people that can make our team invincible. Now the ARPAL family consists of the best specialists in their field. We are a friendly team working as one mechanism.
The main guiding principle in the beginning of the production of any wood processing equipment is the high quality of the parts which our equipment consists of. We continue to improve our branch shredders, wood splitters and wood chippers. The practical experience of our clients suggests what can be done better. And modern technical solutions allow us to increase the performance of devices.
Our goal is the rational use of resources. By processing branches, slabs, lamellas, sawmill waste, we help make our country non-volatile.