New fines for burning grass, leaves and dead wood
30 04 2020

Every year, large-scale fires caused by the burning of grass, leaves, dead wood and other garden waste are a global problem for Ukraine. This is a very dangerous "tradition" that leads to the destruction of the ecosystem. Birds, animals, insects literally burn alive, or die from lack of food. The topsoil is destroyed. Heavy metals, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide spread in the air. People are forced to leave their homes.

Recently, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine reviewed the fines for burning waste, and rightly increased them tenfold. Especially "painful" is the recovery from officials. The maximum fine is now UAH 153,000.

But what to do with the waste that accumulates every year? A much more economical and environmentally friendly option would be to recycle plant residues and fertilize the soil with them, or, if these are branches, use them as fuel for boilers.

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 New fines for burning grass, leaves and dead wood