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18 09 2020

 Looking for a powerful wood chipper, a small wood shredder or hardworking cleaning equipment for your garden? Then meet B & JA Hooijer – an official dealer of the ARPAL wood processing equipment in Australia. Our wood processing equipment is ready to become your assistants in the private sector, utilities, forestry, farms, arborists and other businesses.

About the company

ARPAL is the manufacturer of wood chippers, wood shredders, wood splitters, mulchers, leaf vacuums and weed cleaning brushes. Due to the combination of highly qualified specialists and excellent service, we have been able to win the trust of thousands of customers around the world. Our highly qualitative wood chipping and shredding equipment has all necessary quality and conformity certificates including CE certificate. Due to constant innovation, we are moving the industry forward. ARPAL equipment is successfully exported to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Why choose us?

  • All the equipment is designed by our engineers and has got patents for construction and industrial design.
  • Our own manufacture with all the necessary equipment enables us to control the whole process of production and quality of the products during all stages.
  • Multi-level system of control excludes possibility of delivery of defective equipment to the client and ensures regular, in-time deliveries.
  • We constantly develop our wood chippers, shredders, mulchers and splitters. Practical experience and feedbacks from our clients help to understand what parts of wood chippers can be developed or modernized.
  • Our wood processing equipment helps to be environmentally friendly. Compost shredders make it possible to recycle branches after garden pruning, vine, bark, leaves, needles, grass and other similar organic waste into ready fuel. Chopped branches are ideal fuel for pyrolysis and solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances, as well as for the production of charcoal.

Drive gear

We produce the best wood chippers, shredders and loggers because each of our clients can find the needed tool up to his choice. On our website https://arpal.ua/en/products you can find equipment with PTO, ICE or electric drive. Depending on the drive gear you choose, you may find the right machinery for any intended purposes. For example, our most powerful industrial wood chipper АМ-120BD-К PRO is equipped with a 16-horsepower gasoline engine, this power allows this PTO branch logger to harvest up to 6 m3 of finished firewood per hour. It is the best choice for commercial use. Our smallest wood chipper АМ-60BD with 7-horsepower gasoline engine is the ideal helper for non-commercial purposes. This small toiler is able to produce 2 m3 of firewood per hour. Productivity directly depends on the quality of raw material preparation and the number of personnel involved into the working process.

Electric wood chipper

PTO wood chipper

Gasoline wood chipper



Blades and cutting units

The cutting module is an integral part, the main working element of the wood chipper. The blades of our shredders, splitters and chippers have a double sharpening angle, which greatly enhances the cutting edge and the service life of the cutting element. The cutting units can work from practically any drive, it can be electric or gasoline engines, and a tractor PTO. Depending on the drive, when ordering, you can choose the design of the drive shaft for the key or for the splines. The cutting unit of the wood chipper has 6 blades installed, while the wood shredders are equipped with 4 or 2 blades depending on the model. The blades are made of AISI 5140 steel, have a double grinding angle and necessarily pass the heat treatment process on a modern high frequency induction heating machine installation. Blades of the cutting module are inserted into the milled slot of the working shaft. This technology allows to significantly reduce the load on the fixing bolts of the knives.

Our cutting units for our wood chippers, shredders and log splitters are completely manufactured at our enterprise. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all landing surfaces are obligatory grinding. Quality control of welded joints is carried out as well. Before painting, all constructions are stripped. The cutting unit is covered with powder paint, which significantly extends the life of the constructions. By purchasing a cutting unit from us you get a reliable assistant on the way to your energy independence!



The ARPAL branch shredders are able to provide our customers with special treats. For example, wood shredders AM-120 have the ability to pack the chips directly into two sacks at once, and the MK-170TP has the chute extension for increasing of the feed height of the shredded raw material.




When we construct and produce our wood chippers, we choose only highly qualitative equipment and the best specialists of their field. A significant part of the technological operations at the enterprise is automated allowing us to guarantee the stable high quality of the details of the chipper machines. The assembly of the wood cutting machinery takes place under strict control and attention to all the details. We are confident in our production therefore we give a guarantee for 3 years on all ARPAL tree shredding and garden cleaning machinery. As well as we provide post-warranty service for the comfort of each our customer.


We can continue boasting of all the positive features of our highly productive machinery. Though it would be much better if you try them yourself! Our consultants are always ready to answer to all of your questions. Be free to contact us:

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