Garden wood chipper
20 11 2019

Wood chipper - this is special equipment with which you can greatly simplify the cleaning of branches and wood waste, as well as additional benefits in the form of firewood for heating in solid fuel boilers, stoves or in the form of wood chips, for mulching materials, fertilizers for plants.

садовий подрібнювач гілок щіпа
What are the wood chipper?

The equipment differs depending on what you want to receive at the output:
Use a wood cutter if you have thin branches with leaves, at the exit you will get wood chips measuring 5-50 cm. You can use it with fertilizers and mulching plants.
Use a crusher if you have branches 6 cm or more in diameter. So you can make waste firewood for heating or for sale

Гілкоруб садовий Щепоріз садовий
What should I look for when choosing a wood chipper?

The main criterion for choosing a crusher or chip cutter is the type of drive. After all, the equipment price, service and capabilities depend on this criterion. There are 3 types of branch chopper drive:
1. From an internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) - this is a universal option if you do not have a tractor and a network connection. Such crushers are distinguished by their mobility; you can grind branches both in your garden and in any other place.
2. From the tractor power take-off shaft - this option is suitable for those who have a tractor. Branch shredders with this type of drive are usually cheaper due to the fact that they do not have a motor or battery in their configuration.
3. From the electric network - shredders are environmentally friendly and suitable for those who have the ability to connect to the 380 network, as well as there is no need to move the device over a long distance.

Where to choose a quality chopper with a guarantee?

ARPAL produces crushers and wood chippers both for home and garden tasks, and for professional use with a 3-year warranty and after-sales service.

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