Wood chippers for arboristics
17 10 2019

Usually if arborists are called, then the task is to eliminate the tree quickly and without consequences. But if all the good specialists can clean the plant carefully, then what about the speed of execution? There is no hurry in arboristics, because the safety of people and the environment is at stake. Therefore, we draw your attention to the stage of disposal of foliage and small branches. This stage is the most promising in terms of saving time and additional benefits. This process, as it were, is not very important, but without removing the garbage - the work is not considered completed. And removing it to spend a lot of time. Moreover, saving this time will be a pleasant bonus for both you and your customers.

Branch cleaning

A chopper can optimize the process. This equipment, with which you can chop branches or even whole logs in just a couple of seconds!

Arborist Chopper Branch chopper

Here are just a few of the main reasons why a wood shredder is indispensable in arboristics:

  1. When cleaning trees, as a rule, they cut off branches and leaves, throwing them randomly on the ground right under the brigade’s feet. Not only does this look terrible in the eyes of the client, it is also disastrously not convenient for robots, because you can stumble on a branch and fall. Having a chopper, the team will be able to immediately pass the knots through the apparatus and neatly fold them, avoiding chaos.
  2. Cleaning small branches and leaves with human hands is an unreasonably long process. So why waste time? We drop everything into the chopper, substitute the bag and do it many times faster. We save time and energy of the team, and also delight your customers.
  3. If you do not crush the garbage, but clean it as it is, then you probably faced with the problem that the branches take up a lot of space, and in order to dispose of them you need to do more than one “walk”, and this is an additional expense for gasoline, the extra wasted time. With the chopper on hand, all branches will be of the same size neatly folded. Now, one car will fit debris from a dozen trees.
  4. Instead of burning or taking out small twigs, you can offer the client to chop into wood or hand over compost. Customer refused? Fine! Earn it yourself.

Chopper at work: video review, reviews

As you can see a very useful thing. Therefore, do not waste time - use the chopper until competitors know about it. All equipment can be viewed at the link there by the way free consultation. And remember: while you think and doubt, others act and implement