Crusher of branches for housing and communal services
18 10 2019

When clearing the area on the street, you can almost always come across plant waste - tree branches, bushes, grass, leaves. This garbage is quite large, and to be disposed of, it must first be crushed. The crusher of branches can cope with this task without much effort. This unit will be able to grind garbage in just a few seconds. You just have to choose what you want to get on the way out: chips or wood.

Wood chips Crusher chopped branches

What are the branches crushers

When choosing a crusher, it's important to understand what kind of trash you need to dispose of and what you need to get out. Depending on this, the crushers are divided into 2 types:

  1. To obtain a log, use a conventional branch shredder - it splits a large knot into small logs, 6-24 cm long and 6 to 12 cm in diameter, depending on the model of the crusher of branches. Chopped knots are an ideal fuel for pyrolysis and solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances, as well as for the production of charcoal.

  2. To obtain process chips use a chip cutter - it processes waste in chips 5-50mm in size. It can be used for heating in solid fuel and pyrolysis boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances. Also, chips can be used as mulching material for plants or for fertilizer production.

    Chip cutter

What type of power supply to choose

  1. Crusher branches on gasoline or diesel. It is fixed or mobile manually. Designed for owners of large tracts and employees of park and garden businesses and utilities
  2. Crusher of branches on electric power supply from the mains. Usually stationary (wheels are made for short-distance travel), depending on power sources and intended for use in small garden areas.
  3. Crusher branches from the GDP of the tractor. A universal option for cleaning any area. Often such crushers are bundled with a special conveyor that allows you to load recycled branches directly on the trailer.

    Chopper, gasoline crusher Chopper, tractor crusher Chopper, electric crusher

Branch crushing is an indispensable thing for housing and utilities because you save time and energy and can make extra money on waste disposal, because now you get the finished product - logs or wood chips.

Our customers have been using shredders and woodchippers for various applications for many years. We have compiled a small selection of video reviews about the robot with a crusher:


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