New! Industrial wood shredder MS-120BD
26 08 2020

A powerful novelty in the ARPAL shredder line! We present you MS-120BD wood chipper. It belongs to the industrial class of machines and is a unique installation of its kind. The grinder is completely autonomous, does not require a tractor on the farm and can be transported directly to the place of work.

Equipped with:

  • 29 hp petrol engine
  • two input hoppers
  • conveyor
  • mounted on a trailer.

Handles wood waste up to 120mm in diameter.

Perfect for processing waste on farms and enterprises involved in the selection of cultivated plants. With the help of our wood chips, any organic waste from the garden or greenhouse can be converted into high-quality mulch. Pruning branches of fruit trees, vines, rose bushes, rose hips, tops of annual plants, leaves, grass, bark and many other materials that previously caused inconvenience can be crushed in a matter of minutes with the MS-120BD wood chipper

Call +380981881653 to book the new MS-120BD. For more information about technical characteristics, please contact your consultant or visit the website.