Arpal take in the XXXI International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO-2019
12 06 2019

From 4 to 7 June, in Kiev, the XXXI International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO-2019 was held. We presented the new model lineup of Arpal branch shredders and wood shredders and demonstrated their work.

We are grateful to all visitors to our stand, and especially to those who do not look at the heat and rain, came to meet us at the exhibition, to communicate and see the technique in the work with our own eyes!

For all those who could not attend the exhibition, we prepared a video report on how it all happened!

In addition to the video, several photos from the event:

 Arpal wood chipper at the AGRO-2019 exhibition

Wood chipper exhibition

Wood chipper AM-160TR-K

Arpal AM-160TR-K

Wood chipper

Exhibition AGRO-2019

Tracked drive wood chipper AM-80BD-M

Wood chipper AM-80BD-M

Arpal wood chipper conveyor

Arpal at an exhibition in Kiev

Visitors to the Arpal booth at the AGRO-2019 exhibition

crushed branches in the crusher's hopper

Demonstration of the work of wood chippers

Wood Chips

Exhibition AGRO

Arpal shredders at the exhibition

Presentation of an AM-160TR-K branch shredder

Visitor to the exhibition examines the structure of wood chippers



wood chipper


The links can be viewed and ordered wood chippers and wood shredders of our production.