Branch shredder for free heating
17 10 2019

Every year the constant tendency of rising energy prices makes us think about alternative ways of heating. Electricity and gas prices are rising steadily. There are many cheap and eco-friendly heating options, but the leadership is left behind the wood. Ready firewood is expensive, so a good option is to replace them with branches. But cutting manually - it takes a long time. So let's consider a tool like a branch shredder.

Using this unit, you are doing two useful things at the same time:

  • first: become independent, save on heating without spending time on grinding wood.
  • secondly: you are involved in the disposal of waste while cleaning the environment

Free heating with a branch chopper

  1. Explore the nearest territory, many branches may have accumulated there for a long time.
  2. Tell a friend you bought a shredder and offer help picking a branch.
  3. Submit a newspaper or online advertisement for waste disposal using a shredder. In this case, it is possible not only to save on heating, but also to earn extra.
  4. Maybe there is a forest or park in your village, where it is time to remove the branches?

There are many options where you can still use a shredder, but the main thing is to choose the right equipment. After all, you need him to serve a long time and pay off. Arpal gives a 3 year warranty on all shredders and cutters from its range.

Our customers have been saving on heating for several years. You can watch the video reviews and see for yourself

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