Wood chippers - appliances for domestic and professional use
09 06 2020

Professional wood shredders reduce garden waste by composting it. They also remove the consequences of windbreak, crumble corn stalks (Jerusalem artichoke, cow parsnip, wild rose, lupine and other garden vegetation), prepare raw materials for solid fuel and pyrolysis boilers, and cut the knots of pruned fruit trees.

Devices speed up the process of processing shrubs and recycling wood waste. They can grind slats, lamellas, boards. There are garden, industrial, household, country. The result of the operation of the apparatus is the formation of small bars, small chips and chips. This raw material can be used as an environmentally friendly fertilizer or an efficient heating material.


Benefits of using technology

A high-capacity branch chipper allows utilities to use fewer trucks to haul cut branches out of town. It reduces the amount of garden debris by several times and forms a compact pile of branches, which is convenient to transport throughout the site. Other advantages of the technique:

simplifies home heating (prepares bars of the required length for the stove);
reduces time and labor costs for processing branches;
Helps keep the area clean.
can cut through wood of different thicknesses (the maximum threshold is indicated in the characteristics of each model);
it is protected from overload by a reliable friction clutch;
100% manufactured in-house by Arpal.
A gasoline or electric wood chipper weighs little, has compact dimensions, is easy to operate, does not make much noise during operation, can be used for years, does not consume a lot of oil (gasoline models), and has increased power.


What to look for when choosing a technique?

Branch shredders are selected based on the functional tasks that you are pursuing. If you plan to constantly and continuously process knots, then you should purchase professional models AM-160BD-K PRO, AM-160TR-K, AM-140TR-K PRO, AM-160BD-K, etc. They are able to cut through branches with a diameter of 16 cm. one hour of work process up to 12 cubes of branches. Their knives rotate at 220 revolutions per minute.

For domestic use, simpler models AM-60BD, AM-60E, AM-80TR, AM-80BD, etc. are suitable. The rotation speed of their knives is higher (up to 360 rpm), but the volume of processing branches is much less (up to 2 cubic meters per hour ). They operate on low-power engines (7 hp), while consuming much less AI-92 gasoline. These are ideal options for a house, a summer residence, a small garden plot.