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The outdoor vacuum cleaner ARPAL PL-400BD is designed for cleaning leaves, mowed grass, large wood shavings and light garbage. The vacuum cleaner can be used in the municipal sector, for cleaning stadiums, parks, squares, sports grounds, schools and surrounding areas in enterprises. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 16 hp WEIMA gasoline engine, which makes the equipment autonomous. PL-400BD does not require a close source of electrical energy and does not need to have a tractor on the farm.
Technical parameters
Extended description
1303 mm
740 mm
1630 mm
215 kg
The number of blades on the disk:
Bell angle:
Hose length:
5 m
Engine power:
16 h.p.
Max. turns on engine shaft:
3600 rpm
Fuel type:
Fuel expenditure:
800 g/h

The municipal vacuum cleaner PL-400BD is used to clean garden and park areas, stadiums, squares, roads, sports grounds, squares, memorial complexes, courtyards of residential buildings and territories of private enterprises. The municipal vacuum cleaner PL-400BD is able to take away the main types of street waste - leaves, mowed grass, wood shavings, paper and plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, textile waste and cigarette butts.

The ARPAL PL-400BD utility vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 16 hp WEIMA gasoline engine. whose fuel consumption is only 800 g / h. This engine is one of the highest quality in Ukraine, service centers are located in each region. The engine is protected against overloads by a special friction clutch of our design. The engine has a separate warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 12 months.

The working element of the vacuum cleaner is the rotor, there are 4 blades on the rotor. The blades create the reduced pressure necessary to draw in the debris.

A hose (hose) made of PVC 5 meters long is installed on the vacuum cleaner, a bell with wheels and a handle is attached to the end of the hose for convenient control. The operator does not need to always carry the hose in his hands, just bring the pipe on the wheels to the cleaning site. This design solution greatly eases the burden on workers.

Garbage is shipped through the outlet bell, which changes the direction of flow in 2 planes. The bell can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally. At the exit of the bell, a shield is installed, changing the position of which you can change the direction of flow of wood chips vertically. Thanks to such constructive solutions, it is possible to evenly distribute garbage over the entire area of ​​the trailer.

The ARPAL PL-400BD vacuum cleaner is mounted on a rigid frame with special hooks that allow the vacuum cleaner to be fixed overboard a truck or trailer. In addition, for the convenience of moving the vacuum cleaner across the territory, the frame is equipped with cast wheels with position locks.

The PL-400BD vacuum cleaner is completely made at our enterprise. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all landing surfaces undergo mandatory grinding. Quality control of welds is carried out.

Before painting, all structures are cleaned. Vacuum cleaner for leaves is covered with powder paint, which significantly extends the service life of structures.

We are confident in our products, so we provide a 36-month warranty on the PL-400BD outdoor vacuum cleaner. In addition, we, as a manufacturer, provide both warranty and after-sales service for the PL-400BD municipal vacuum cleaner.

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