Feed chopper
The feed cutter KM-30E is designed for grinding stalks of corn, reeds, sedges, nettles, beets, corn cobs, grain, twigs and other plant materials into feed for livestock, pigs and other animals. The forage grinder is equipped with a 2.2 kW electric motor.
Technical parameters
Extended description
900 mm
520 mm
1200 mm
85 kg
Size of splinter:
7, 14, 22 mm
Number of knives / hammers:
14 psc
Quantity of knives:
2 pcs
Engine power:
2,2 kW
Max. turns on engine shaft:
3000 rpm
220 V

The KM-30E feed cutter processes raw materials of plant origin into animal feed by grinding the feedstock with two knives mounted on two steel disks for each inlet hopper. The cut material enters the drum, where an additional 14 steel hammers break the raw material to a fraction sufficient to pass through a sieve, which is installed at the outlet of the shredder. Sieves are interchangeable and available with diameters of 7 mm, 14 mm, 22 mm. A sieve with a hole diameter of 22 mm is installed as standard. To grind the grain into flour, you can install a sieve with a diameter of 7 mm. For greater productivity, the forage grinder should be used without a sieve, in which case the raw material will not be calibrated to pass through the sieve when it is not required.

Feature of forage shredders of our production is two bunkers for giving of raw materials that allows to work with the equipment at once to two operators. To work with grain, the hoppers are equipped with dampers that allow you to adjust the supply of material to the shredder. For storage or transportation, the inlet hoppers are folded and take up minimal space.

The output of crushed raw materials is through the shipping chute.

Knives of the KM-30E forage crusher are made of 6HV2S steel. Knives must undergo heat treatment on a modern microwave unit.

The KM-30E forage shredder is equipped with the electric motor with a power of 2.2 kW with power supply from the 220B network. The shredder is equipped with a motor control panel that has an overload protection system. Installation of the electric motor allows to use a forage cutter indoors without worrying about harmful exhaust gases of gasoline drives.

The KM-30E feed cutter is completely made at our production. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all landing surfaces undergo mandatory grinding. Quality control of welds is carried out.

Before painting, all structures are stripped. The feed cutter is covered with powder paint, which significantly extends the service life of the shredder design.

We are confident in our products, so we provide a 36-month warranty on KM-30E forage crushers. In addition, we as a manufacturer carry out warranty and post-warranty service of the shredder.

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