Wood chippers
Cutting modules
120 mm
10 m3/h
The cutting module of the wood chipper AM-120 has the ability to cut branches with a diameter of up to 120 mm into pieces with a length of 90 ... 180 mm. The maximum diameter of the raw material depends on the type of wood and the moisture of the material. The cutting module of the AM-120 can be operated from a gasoline or electric drive and also from the tractor's PTO shaft. Depending on the drive, the shaft of the cutting module can be made spline or keyed.
Price: 950 Euro
Technical parameters
Extended description
380 mm
508 mm
650 mm
120 kg
Max. productivity:
10 m3/h
Soft wood max. diameter:
120 mm
Hard wood max. diameter:
100 mm
Length of ready pieces:
90...180 mm
Quantity of knives:
6 pcs
Max. turns on cutting knives:
360 rpm

The cutting module AM-120 is an integral part, the main working element of the wood chipper. Can be used for processing and recycling by cutting branches, laths, boards, lamellas and other wood waste. The cutting module turns raw materials into pieces with a length of 9 ... 18 cm, this size is not regulated but depends on the diameter (thickness) of the raw material. The cutting module AM-120 is capable of cutting branches with a diameter of up to 12 cm, depending on the moisture and wood species. Chopped branches are ideal fuel for pyrolysis and solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances, as well as for the production of charcoal.

The cutting module AM-120 can work from practically any drive, it can be electric or gasoline engines, a motor block and a tractor PTO. Depending on the drive, when ordering, you can choose the design of the drive shaft for the key or for the splines. The working element of the cutting module AM-120 is the knives. On the cutting module 6 knives are installed, the knives are made of 40H steel, have a double grinding angle and necessarily pass the heat treatment process on a modern HIGH FREQUENCY INDUCTION HEATING MACHINE installation. Blades of the cutting module are inserted into the milled slot of the working shaft, this technology allows to significantly reduce the load on the fixing bolts of the knives.

The cutting module AM-120 has paws with which it is possible to fix the cutting module to the frame or other necessary surface. The cutting module  has an additional shaft through which it is possible to activate auxiliary equipment, for example a conveyor. In the slabs of the cutting module, threaded holes are provided to secure the hoppers for loading and unloading the products.

The cutting module AM-120 is completely manufactured at our enterprise. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all landing surfaces are obligatory grinding. Quality control of welded joints is carried out. Before painting, all constructions are stripped. The cutting module is covered with powder paint, which significantly extends the life of the constructions.

By purchasing a cutting module from us you get a reliable assistant on the way to your energy independence!