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Tractor PTO
The outdoor vacuum cleaner ARPAL PL-400TR is designed for cleaning leaves, mowed grass, large wood shavings and light garbage. The vacuum cleaner can be used in the municipal sector, for cleaning stadiums, parks, squares, sports grounds, schools and surrounding areas in enterprises. The vacuum cleaner is aggregated with tractors from 16 hp. and is attached to the standard 3-point hitch. A trailer can be connected to the vacuum cleaner in one hitch.
Technical parameters
Extended description
1283 mm
800 mm
1767 mm
The number of blades on the disk:
Bell angle:
Hose length:
5 m
Engine min. power:
16 h.p.
Max. turns on PTO:
540 rpm

The PL-400TR utility vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning garden and park areas, stadiums, squares, roads, sports grounds, squares, memorial complexes, courtyards of residential buildings and territories of private enterprises. The PL-400TR utility vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking in the main types of street waste - leaves, grass cuttings, wood chips, paper and plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, textile waste and cigarette butts.

The ARPAL PL-400TR street vacuum cleaner is aggregated with tractors with a power of 16 hp or more. and is attached to the standard 3-point hitch. A trailer can be attached to the vacuum cleaner in one hitch for unloading garbage. This configuration is very convenient for working on roadsides and on sidewalks, allowing you to work without interfering with the flow of traffic. The vacuum cleaner has a swivel mouth, so you can unload garbage into a trailer or truck body.

To connect to the tractor, we recommend using a T2 PTO shaft with a friction clutch. The clutch serves to protect the mechanism of the vacuum cleaner and the tractor in the event of an unexpected overload.

The working element of the vacuum cleaner is the rotor; there are 4 blades on the rotor. The blades create the reduced pressure needed to pull in debris.

The vacuum cleaner has a sleeve (hose) made of PVC with a length of 5 meters, at the end of the hose there is a socket with wheels and a handle for convenient operation. The operator does not need to constantly carry the hose in his hands, it is enough to bring the pipe on wheels to the cleaning point. Such a constructive solution significantly lightens the burden on workers.

Garbage is discharged through the outlet, which changes the direction of flow in 2 planes. The bell can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally. A visor is installed at the outlet of the socket, by changing the position of which it is possible to change the direction of the chip flow along the vertical. Thanks to such constructive solutions, it is possible to evenly distribute garbage throughout the entire area of ​​the trailer.

The PL-400TR vacuum cleaner is completely manufactured at our enterprise. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all seating surfaces undergo mandatory grinding. Quality control of welded seams is carried out.

Before painting, all structures are cleaned. The leaf vacuum cleaner is coated with powder paint, which significantly extends the life of the structures.

We are confident in our products, so we provide a 36-month warranty for the PL-400TR outdoor vacuum cleaner. In addition, we, as a manufacturer, provide both warranty and post-warranty service for the PL-400TR utility vacuum cleaner.

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