Wood splitters
500 mm
30 m3/work shift
The wood splitter DК-640Е-380 rail type is designed for chopping firewood of any kind of wood and any humidity up to 640 mm. The wood splitter is powered by an electric motor with a power of 2.2 kW with 380 V power supply. The pusher of the wood splitter acts on the log with a force of 12 tons so the wood splitter is not afraid of any boughs. The travel time of the wood splitter is 1.5 s, which makes it possible to work with high productivity. The wood splitter frame has wheels for easy moving.
Technical parameters
Extended description
2200 mm
1200 mm
1200 mm
250 kg
Max. productivity:
30 m3/work shift
Log max. length:
640 mm
Log max. diameter:
500 mm
Force of splitting:
12 t
Speed of rod move:
1,5 s
Engine power:
2,2 kW
Max. turns on engine shaft:
3000 rpm
380 V

The wood splitter DK-640E-380 is designed for chopping firewood of any kind of wood and any humidity up to 500 mm in diameter and up to 640 mm in length.

The wood splitter operates according to the principle of operation of the pusher driven by a rack. When working, the wood splitter can develop a force of up to 12 tons, which allows it to cope with any kind of wood and any knots. The speed of the wood splitter is only 1.5 seconds, which is much higher than the speed of the splitting of hydraulic splitters. Due to these characteristics, the productivity of the wood splitter lies in the range from 15 to 30 m3 per shift. Productivity directly depends on the quality of raw material preparation and the number of personnel involved in the work.

The main working element of the wood splitter is a knife on which the process of cutting is directly passing. The woodcutter knife is made of high-quality steel which necessarily passes the heat treatment process at our enterprise with the help of modern HIGH FREQUENCY INDUCTION HEATING MACHINE installation. 

On the woodcutter DK-640E-380, an electric motor with a power of 2.2 kW is installed, which is connected to the network via a magnetic starter with a thermal relay that operates under excessive loads. The power of the wood splitter motor is made from the 380 V network. Also, on the shaft of the electric motor, a friction clutch is installed as an additional degree of protection of the wood splitter.

The woodcutter DK-640E-380 is installed on a rigid frame made of I-beam and profile pipe. On the frame there are two pneumatic wheels for the convenience of moving the wood splitter through the territory. The wood splitter table has special stiffeners that allow you to withstand large logs.

The wood shredder DK-640E-380 is completely manufactured at our enterprise. We control the quality of all stages of our production, all landing surfaces are obligatory grinding. Quality control of welded joints is carried out. Before painting, all structures are stripped. The wood shredder is covered with powder paint, which significantly extends the service life of the structures.We are confident in our products, so we provide a 12-month guarantee for wood shredder DK-640E-380. In addition, we, as a manufacturer, produce both warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the wood splitter DK-640E-380.  

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