Arpal always manufactures equipment on time, therefore we undertake to compensate 5% of the cost of ordering equipment if the deadlines are delayed.

The manufactured goods are sent by delivery services no later than the next working day from the agreed date of readiness.

The Arpal company delivers wood chippers, wood chips and wood chippers throughout Ukraine. We deliver products from our factory in Vinnitsa.

Delivery takes place by the following courier services:

Delivery service "New Mail"
Delivery service "SAT"
The cost of delivery is calculated individually and depends on the model of equipment and the distance to your locality. The shipping cost is paid by the buyer.

You can also independently come to our company to receive your wood chipper, wood chip cutter or wood splitter.

The Arpal company dispatches the equipment within the agreed terms with you, the delivery time depends on your location and the transport company.